Domestic Perversions

Installation, 2016
By VenidaDevenida

Domestic Perversions proposes to reflect on the possibility that anyone can create their own devices for pleasure through subversion of everyday objects, and thus generate a new imaginary and new symbols of desire.

Pleasure Vehicles

Installation project, 2016
By VenidaDevenida

Pleasure Vehicles are mobile devices which imprecise location allow us to position ourselves politically, celebrating and showing what characterizes minority subcultures: the absence of coordinates.


Installation project, 2015
By VenidaDevenida

HollyHole invites you to enjoy the adventures of the 9 holes miniature golf based on classic Hollywood movies where women's sexuality explodes and challenges the player.


Installation project, ongoing
By VenidaDevenida

Fem·Insurgentes analyzes the revolutionary aesthetic and citizens movements taking place in the streets. Using the bomber jacket as a representative element of these practices five "non-male" gang identities are designed.

Superpowers of Ten

Installation&Performance, 2013
In collaboration with Andrés Jaque

Superpowers of Ten is an alternative version of the film developed by the Eames “Powers of Ten”. In this alternative version of the film Andrés Jaque, in collaboration with eight artists, developed a critical position, inhabiting the conflicts that appeared in the Eames’s film.