Managing Dissidence

Architectural installation, 2016
By Bollería Industrial / Factory Baked Goods

Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016. Call for intervention strategies winner. The project seeks to produce a set of devices which question the airports’ homogenizing rituals and configure a platform for criticality.

Potentia Gaudendi

Project, 2016
By VenidaDevenida

The purpose of this project is to subvert an everyday object for perverse purposes. It aims to create a production machine of dissident sexualities through queer appropriation of Corrala Mesón de Paredes, thus introducing a political object of resistance and confrontation against standardization in the Lavapiés neighborhood.


Architectural installation, 2015
By Bollería Industrial / Factory Baked Goods

Set design and technical coordination of Chococharlas, a program of ten encounters between agents and creators of urban contemporary culture.